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7 vs 7


1. Number of Players: 6 field players plus the goalkeeper.


2. Roster: A maximum of 14 players per team. 

-Men's Open Division: All players must be 18 years old.

-Men's Over 30 Division: All players must be over 30 years old.

-Men's Over 40 Division: All players must be over 40 years old.

-Men's Over 50 Division: All players must be over 50 years old.

-Coed Open Division: All players must be 18 years old. A minimum of 3 female players on the field is required all the time. If less than 2 female players are on the field,  that team will have to play short. Teams can't have more than 4 male players on the field.

-Coed Over 40 Division: Teams can have up to 2 female players over 35 years old. All of the other players must be over 40 years old.


3. Substitutions: Unlimited at any time as long as it doesn't interfere with play.  Must occur at the half field line and the referee must be notified.


4. Ball: Size #5 balls for regular fields and size #4 for the arena field(soccer balls for the arena will be provided).


5. Equipment: Players can wear either soccer cleats(metal studs are prohibited) with low studs or turf soccer shoes. Shinguards are mandatory. Teams are required to have an alternative set of jerseys or bibs in a different color besides your main uniforms.

6. Duration of Play: Games are two-20 minute halves.

7. Play Regulations:


- Small 12' x 7' goals with goalkeepers. 

- Slide tackling is prohibited.

- Throw-ins: Ball is put in to play with a kick from the sideline. Corner kicks are as usual.

- Goal kicks are allowed from anywhere within 2 yards from the goal.

- No off-sides.

- Goals scored from behind midfield line(scorer team side) won't count.

- Time won't be stopped on any situations unless referees consider it appropriate due to a serious injury or any other special situations.

- All kicks are indirect kicks. This means you can't kick the ball directly to the goal from a stopped ball. You cannot score directly from kickoff.

- In a serious foul, the aggressor player will get a yellow card and will be sent out for 5 minutes. In a second serious foul from the same player, the player will be sent out for the rest of the game and will be expulsed for the next game.

-Players with a yellow card can be substituted by another player. In the event of a red card, team has to play short for the rest of the game. 


8. Zero Tolerance Policy: Any player engaged in fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  A second incident of fighting from any player on a team, will result in the ejection of the team from the tournament without any refund and may warrant exclusion from future tournaments.


9. Playoffs- Tie Breakers: (Please read this carefully since it may be different to FIFA Rules. This is a FIFA NON-AFFILIATED Soccer Tournament).


a. Head to Head(Group Stage)

b. Least goals against(Group Stage)

c. Most scored goals(Group Stage)

d. Goal differential(Group Stage)


10. Point System:


- Win= 3 points

- Tie= 1 point

- Loss= 0 points


11. Roster, Release of Liability Agreement and check-in: All team managers must submit their roster two weeks before the tournament date. All players have to check in to get their wristbands.  In the event of a team having non registered or under age players(applies to all divisions) on the field, game will be forfeited and the opponent team will get a 2-0 win. ID's will be required in the event of a complaint made from opponent teams in the over 30 and over 40 divisions. 


12. Referees: One referee on each game.

13. Other:


-Only team managers can request information or make any complains about a game to the organizer. Tournament information, including the rules, are posted in our website for them to check. All games results are also updated in the website as they happen.

-Players can participate in multiple teams, but it has to be in different divisions. Players can't play for another team in the same division.

-In a team forfeit a game, a 2-0 win will be given to the opponent team.

-There is no refund for cancellations made within 30 days prior to the tournament's date. A 20% cancellation fee applies to any other cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the tournament's date.

-Awards will be given to the winner teams right after the championship game. In the event of a division without playoffs, winning team has to wait until the last game of that division is played to get their awards. 

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